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From the 
Caribbean straight to your table.

From the 
Caribbean straight to your table For orders shipped to countries outside Germany
What‘s the secret of Marie Sharp‘s legendary sauces? They‘re spicy – some are extremely spicy – but they are always packed with flavour. Because they contain nature tropical fruits, fresh vegetables and the best habaneros grown from the foot of the Maya Mountains, fairly traded in the region by Marie and her friends. The habaneros are the main constituent of the sauces while Marie’s great experience in processing guarhe special touch.
And you can taste it.

100% Original Caribbean Hot Sauces

Once you‘ve tried it, you‘ll be hooked for ever.
There are now nine different habanero chili
sauces from Marie Sharp. From mild to
super-spicy, everyone will find something that
suits their taste. But they all have one thing in
common: Only the best ingredients are used!
The freshest seasonings, vegetables and,
of course, habanero chilies from Belize, which
are among the spiciest in the world. Locally grown
and all natural - creating the incomparable
combination of spiciness and unadulterated